For all those raising and caring for babies and toddlers.

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  • Because approximately 85% of the structure of the brain, the foundation for all future learning, is built by age three.    

  • Because it's the little things those raising babies and toddlers do in the everyday interactions with their little ones that have the biggest impact on brain development.

  • Because spit-up happens!  And sometimes hits the fan!

BTPNN, the Baby & Toddler Parenthood News Network!

More puppet baby and toddler news anchors, reporters and pundits than all the other news networks combined!  As far as we know, that is.

Your go-to, on-demand source for baby and toddler parenting news, a few laughs, and trustworthy, research-based information by the pantload.



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     by Amy Hatkoff


YOU ARE MY WORLD,  How a Parent's Love Shapes a Baby's Mind                                         

By Amy Hatkoff

This book translates the latest research on the impact relationships have on all aspects of a baby's development.  Captions spoken by babies themselves combined with moving photographs portray the extraordinary impact of the ordinary acts of parenting.


Early Brain Development Activity Packets

Parents, support your child's early brain development and make your busy life easier.

Birth to age 5 brain development packets, available in English and Spanish.

Each with 40 cards on a ring that have fun brain development activity ideas you can use anytime.


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